Littleton Coin Company

In 1945 Maynard and Fannie Sundman founded a small stamp business. During this time the Second World War broke out, and Maynard had to leave his wife and his stamp business to serve his country. When Maynard returned home from the war he and his wife began the stamp business once more from the new offices of Mystic Stamp Company in New York. Later their oldest son David became the president of the Littleton Coin Company.

The Littleton Coin Company is continually expanding the services that it provides to its customers. Today you will be able to order your coin or paper money selection from your home and the Littleton Coin Company will start processing your order very quickly. With the Littleton Coin Company you have the ability to inspect the various coins and paper money that you have ordered and see if you like them. You only need to buy the various coins and paper currency if you like the items that you have selected.

This mail order practice of the Littleton Coin Company began when the Sundman’s first began their business operation in New Hampshire. With this service the customers are able to see the coins that they have ordered without feeling frazzled by large crowds or the necessity to travel to dealers who are a long distance away. There is also the known assurance you get when you make your choice of coins from the Littleton Coin Company.

Th Littleton Coin Company is considered by many of its customers as being a coin dealership that they can trust to deliver high quality coins and paper money. One of the known facts about the Littleton Coin Company is that its buyers are constantly going to coin fairs and auctions so that there is a continual supply of high quality coins. These buyers will also take a list with them on their travels that detail the coin needs of their customers.

There is another facet of Littleton Coin Company that makes it very unique, and this is where the company will let its customers join a service that provide information about particular coin types. For instance if you are interested in civil war coins only the Littleton Coin Company will place you on their specialty Collector Clubs. These clubs are tailored to suit your needs and you can build your whole collection with the help of Littleton Coin Company.

So the next time that you are looking for a place to buy your coins from you should look at the Littleton Coin Company to fulfill all the needs and requirements that you have for your coin collection. This is a coin dealership company that will help you in every avenue of your coin collecting passion.