American Eagle Coins

Have you ever held a bag full of coins and felt how heavy this bag was. Well unlike the normal coins there are special coins that investors can make arrangements to buy. These special coins will not make a small money bag feel like it weighs a ton. Instead these coins can add some more value to an investor’s portfolio. These coins are the American Eagle Coins.

These American eagle coins are really very special. Instead of being minted and sold for commercial use the American eagle coins are issued only to authorized dealers for selling purposes. You will be able to find these American Eagle coins at banks, brokerage companies, wholesalers, precious metal firms and other places that have been approved of by the US Mint.

These American Eagle Coins can be found in gold, silver and platinum metals. This means that the quality on these coins is very high. Since these American Eagle Coins are not sold directly to the public but in proof sets, these must be bought at the current prices for gold and the other metals. To make the purchasing weight value the same for each coin these American eagle coins have a specific weight that is standard.

You will be able to buy your American Eagle Coins in one ounce, one-tenth ounce, one-quarter ounce and one-half ounce denominations. With these set weights you will be able to have American Eagle Coins that you can add to your portfolio with no worries about its market value.

There is another name that is given for the American Eagle Coin. It is also called American Eagle Bullion Coins. The program to bring these coins out for investors to add physical amounts of gold and silver into their investments came into being in 1986. At this time the only American Eagle Coins were the gold and silver eagle coins that had at one time been in circulation. The platinum uncirculated American Eagle Coins were brought out into the open 1997.

American Eagle Coins are easily recognizable because of the designs on the face of the coins. Each type of coin will feature the Augustus Saint-Gaudens design of Lady Liberty. And the most expensive of these American Eagle coins are those of the gold Saint-Gaudens 1934 twenty dollar pieces.

The reason for the high value of these American Eagle coins lies in the presidential decree of 1934 that banned the use of all forms of gold bullion. And since the twenty dollar American Eagle coins were made from gold they were immediately recalled and melted down. A few however, escaped this fate and survived in the world hunted by every avid coin collector.

The long and short of it though, is that it doesn’t matter if you never get the chance to see the 1934 gold Saint-Gaudens coin. What does matter is that you learn to properly recognize and value the American Eagle coins that you do have in your possession and to keep them safe.