1000 Dollar Bills

These days for the most part people will use a credit card to pay for just about anything that they buy. The only time that they might even think about using cold hard cash is when whatever they require might be of a very small value, and even then only if theyve remembered to bring any change along with them. What they probably wouldnt even think about doing though is to pay for any goods with 1000 dollar bills.

Yes, you did read the amount correctly. The dollar bill that we are talking about is a thousand dollar bill and it is a genuine United States government issued dollar bill. This dollar bill is one that you will hardly ever see in circulation, or perhaps never see is the correct term. While the general public will not get to see these 1000 dollar bills there is a 100 dollar bill used in Las Vegas that can be seen quite regularly. Here the various gambling and casino patrons, and other Las Vegas citizens can find this bill wandering through their sight, even if not through their lives.

1000 dollar bills were first issued by the US government in 1861, and as with all dollar bills, there was stamped on the bill an engraving of one of the former presidents of the US. For the 1000 dollar bills Grover Cleveland is shown on the face of the bills. You will also find other high denomination dollar bills being issued round about 1861, but as time passed, these high denomination dollar bills including the 1000 dollar bills, were phased out of the system.

For this reason you will mainly see these 1000 dollar bills being kept in museums and a few in Las Vegas where it is part of the history tour. Since there are hardly any of these 1000 dollar bills being used by ordinary people, many movies and other programs take full advantage of this fact to show their version of 1000 dollar bills in the various programs that they are showing.

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As the 1000 dollar bills are no longer being issued you can see how this dollar bill looks by researching the matter on the internet. From various history books about coins and numismatics you can learn more facts behind the story of the 1000 dollar bills. And if youre really interested theres probably a good chance that you can get one these 1000 dollar bills through the various coin and paper-money dealers who cater for the coin collectors and numismatists of the world.